Real Name:
Wesley Langenhuizen

Boxtel, Netherlands

Wes-Live, one of the initiators and residents of Pumpin Techno, found himself directly at home when he heard the upsweeping baselines and rattling hi-hats of techno for the first time.
After this “love at first sound” techno became a very important part in the life of this 26 year old party animal from Boxtel . But his choice to produce his own techno music came a few years later when he saw Sceptical C and Tachini, friends from the techno scene of Eindhoven, pumping up beats out of their laptops.
Wes-Live began with only a laptop but in short time he expended his musical arsenal with al kinds of drum computers and synthesizers. Equipped with these machines and his mic he uses his voice to create beats and sounds. His raw experimental techno, with a offbeat twist, has already proved itself on many parties like Pact, Pro Techno and Pumpin Techno not for laying back but for those who really want to bang and tear the roof down.
From the first second to the last beat his sound takes you to a darker and underground dimension where he is the boss and you are the sweaty slave dancing to his rhythm until he stops… And you will scream for more…