Solid Decay


Real Names:
Dirk Kanters, Ralph Plompen

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Solid Decay… It's all in the name. Split up in 2010. Solid pounding techno, guaranteed to Decay the foundation wherever they're playing. No wonder these guys shared the stage with dj's like Robert Hood, Heiko Laux, Joey Beltram and Cari Lakebush. This duo started off in 2001, and has been producing tracks and performing live ever since. They are known for their raw, deep and grooving style of the good old techno sound which always gets the crowd going on. The recognizable flow while live on stage, is very well reflected in their productions and remixes (Common Good, Lessismorecordings, Flatlife records). For these "down to earth" guys, producing music is everything. Learning and experimenting every day, they keep discovering interesting grooves, heavily inspired on the notorious techno sound of the late 90's and in the first years of this millennium. Too much talk, not enough sweet techno! Let the music tell the story, pure live from stage. In the end of 2010 they decided to go further as seperate artists. Dirk as Bad Karma and Ralph as Ravon (Raphon). Dodger the remixes at Flatlife Records is their final release. Flatlife is proud to have this release because there is much respect for these guys!!