Real Name:
Sam Vermeer

Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Saam is a Tech House & Techno DJ / Producer / Live artist from the Netherlands. As a seven years old boy he started playing guitar and at the age of 13 he started DJ-ing. He bought two turntables and a mixer and started taking DJ lessons every week. After playing vinyl for 3 years he started to play with cd's as well. Since than he got familiar with songs from Tech House & Techno artists and he started to develop his own style. After 2 years playing with cd's he started to play with the program Traktor and also with cd's via timecode. From this point he began to enter some DJ contests and in 2010 he did a contest in Amsterdam called 'TWSTd', where he got himself in the third round. This took place in Studio 80 in Amsterdam.

From this moment Saam also started producing tracks in Ableton Live. In 2012 he produced some Techno & Tech House tracks. He has released EP's on labels like Dutch Pitch & We Most Recordings. In 2013 he produced his debut album "Vision" which has been released on the label Dutch Pitch. As producer Saam is inspired by a lot of styles, not only Techno & Tech House but also some Deep House, Electronica, Club House, Minimal House & Minimal Techno. He likes to be creative to experience new styles and is open for everything. This makes Saam a very unique producer. He is also inspired by Analog synthesizers and drum computers like the Roland TR-909 and the Roland SH-101. In his studio in Alkmaar he has a small collection of Analog equipment.

In 2013 Saam also started to play live acts, with exclusively his own tracks (or remixes made by Saam). In the act he plays live with drum computers, a lot of MIDI controllers and outboard equipment. This way he has a lot of more to do on stage and has a lot more interaction with the crowd, and because he only plays his own material, it is easier for Saam to completely get into his music, because it gives him more variation as with a dj set.

In 2013 Saam started his own weekly radio show "Underground Techno with Saam" which takes place on In Progress Radio. Here he broadcasts his own DJ Mixes, and also hosts guest mixes from upcoming talent. He also broadcasts his sets from party's where he played. Because Saam likes to play a lot of own produced tracks in his DJ sets this is a good way to promote his music.


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