Rick Angel


Real Name:
Rick Angel

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Resident dj of the Zodiak Commune Rick Angel started 1992, mixing records after hearing dj Ference’s ( HotMix, Interference) radio show. Soon Rick started to make tapes at home for friends. Beside that Rick played at his own birthday parties and at the local youth-centre in the south of Holland, where Rick originally comes from. It was at one of these birthday parties (1996) where Rick got in contact with Dj Zodiak, initiator of the Zodiak Commune. He liked his style and invited him to play at one of their parties in an old factory in Eindhoven. Since then Rick has been one of the residents of the Zodiak-Commune. The Zodiak Commune has been held responsible for the second wave of the acid-parties and scene in Holland and runs a record label called Zodiak Commune Records. The parties were held at clubs, festivals, squad locations, tunnels and street raves. There are different types of parties, acid rain-the underground acid-parties, acid virus-more club-friendly acid parties and there is Liquid Foundation-the bigger parties that included techno, acid, drum & bass, electro and ambient areas where international deejays where invited and attracted an international crowd. The music Rick plays at these parties varies from warming-up, spaced-out techno and acid, to pumping party-style techno and acid, until the deeper, more intense, techno and acid. These parties gave him the opportunity to play throughout the country at different clubs and parties and a couple of times in Belgium and Germany. In 1998 Rick got the chance to play with Jeff Mils at the Effenaar in Eindhoven. Since then Rick got to play there on a more regular basis and at the beginning 2000 Rick started, together with the Effenaar, a new cycle, called TechNoNonsense, which started of with Luke Slater, but was actually meant for Dutch new talented deejays and live-acts. The TechNoNonsense cycle lasted until the coming of the new Effenaar building. Nowadays Rick plays at a regular basis at the Orkapot nights, the Zodiak Commune parties and many under and upper ground parties in Holland. The next passion he developed is producing dance music himself, at the moment still exploring but slowly the pieces are starting to fall together. Beside that Rick is still busy with the organizing activities within the Zodiak Commune with which their goal is to be keeping the underground vibe alive. Style of deejaying : varying from minimal techno to energetic, pumping techno and acid, but always keeping the atmosphere at the first place.