Red Square


Real Name:
Sander van der Veer

Den Bosch, Netherlands

At early age Sander walked around with his walkman, played his recorded tapes with rare and obscure music-material. At the age of 15 he start to produce music with a PC and Fasttracker. In 2004 Sander played live on stage with an MPC, a sampler and some synths. This live feedback gave him the opportunity to constantly improve his tracks. Finally when a first release was planned in May 2008, his health condition took a rapid turn in his life and he was forced to give up techno until Januari 2011. When he slowly recovered he picked up the music again and Flatlife Records signed his first release and is now available at Beatport. His minimal techno tracks always have a nice funky groove, combined with some nice warm, deep melodies. With an eye for detail, his deep grooves force you to make a move on the dancefloor ! Sander is performing live and is able to control every detail of live on stage. When he is performing live there are no pre-recorded tracks and every single sound are affected with separate controls. To have control over this, you’ll find a lot of midi-controls in his live-set. Much more to come from this talented producer !



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