Real Name:
Erwin Genefaas

Overpelt, Belgium

DJ Pallette (Erwin Genefaas) had his roots set in music on an early age. Starting with making recordings with old tape decks and playing guitar at the age of 6 he developed his own taste in music throughout the years and in '92 he got in contact with the electronic side of music and some visiting to big events triggered his interest in becoming a dj. After getting his gear together he start sending out his demo tapes and soon he had his first bookings in '98 where his style developed into rolling tribal techno with sometimes a melodic twist. It was in '99 when he came in contact with Fuss-Bookings which was the booking agency of Underground Invasion. This was a group of people who organized party's all over the south part of the Netherlands and gave Pallette the chance to develop himself to the dj he is today and throughout the time he had the honour to perform with DJ's such as Michel de Heij, James Ruskin, Jan Liefhebber, Lady Aida, Marco V and the Acid Junkies to name a few. Though Underground Invasion stopped party productions in 2003 Dj Pallette continued to perform with some fellow dj's of Underground Invasion but not as frequent as before. This made Pallette decide to engage into making his own productions and in 2006 his first productions where released. Label: Voodoovinyl Tracks: Matt Brown - Who da funck (Pallette remix) Tony Castanho - Starock (Pallette remix) At the time music was going through a major development and digital downloads where getting more interesting as a lot of dj's started to switch from vinyl to there own burned cd's, or a laptop with tractor/final scratch. Dj Pallette decided to switch to the laptop and become a full digital dj using the advantage of having all his tracks with him every gig and not having the hassle of a scratched cd or broken stylus! In 2008 Pallette came in contact with APaul (Label owner of Naked Lunch) and soon got his first release on Naked Lunch: Three times one EP (31-1-2008, NLD046) Joint venture volume 6 (6-10-2008, NLD054) and multiple compilations (50th Anniversary release NLD050, Structures NLLPD010) On Beatport, Trackitdown, Juno and many more Now at this time Pallette has started his own records label, Mnemonic Records and has put out his first release: Hattrick EP volume 1 (2-11-2009, MNE001) Dj Pallette continues to develop as the fun of making music and performing keeps him motivated at all times ...

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