Oliver Kucera


Real Name:
Oliver Kucera

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This from origin Czech producer started getting interested in music already at the age of six, mainly because both of his parents had strong musical backgrounds. At this early age he started playing trumpet but soon the musical bounderies of this single instrument couldnt keep him interested anymore. 2 years later he received his first computer:the Amiga. From here on his spirit in creating electronical music really got inspired and as the years went by he got more and more familiar with other and better equipment. At the Awakenings Event on new years eve 2003/2004 Olivers best buddie George met producer: Willem Baars from North Coast Studio (who is also behind Treshold Bookings) and he arranged a meeting between both Willem and Oliver. After being confronted with Olivers rough tracks Willem was totally convinced about this young producers capacities and they went into the studio together to sharpen up the edges of his tracks. Soon became clear that Oliver was capable of creating more different styles of music. From deep minimal to breakz till pounding techno. From here of the decision was made to start to promote his own productions by performing them live on stage. Some performances are only with the use of a laptop, EFX and a controller. On other occasions Oliver plays back to back with Carlos Rios or musical partner in crime Leon Nesic. Regarding the future:his strong ambition drives him towards further improvement regarding his skills both as a performer and producer! Oliver has already been booked and performing together with world renowned djs and producers such as: dj Rush / Billy Nasty / Carlos Rios / Marco Remus / Charlton / Joey Beltram Dj Murphy / Dj Amok / Vincent & Stephan de Wit / Paul Mac / Shinedoe Dave Ellesmere / Bas Mooij / Christian Varela / Jan Liefhebber / And more... Oliver also played on parties such as: Awakenings, Dancevalley, Loveparade, Technotrixx, ADHD Sessions, Rockit Festival, Subculture, Underground Beats, Mr Stubnitz, Technoville, ADF festival, etc.

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