Noraj Cue


Real Name:
Jaron van der Weg

Heerhugowaard, Netherlands

Noraj Cue aka Jaron van de Weg was born in the Netherlands in ‘81 and grew up in a musical family. As a young dude he started experimenting with a keyboard for the drummachine and synths, slammed at the back of pots and pans, jammed on his father’s guitar till it broke and recorded it all over eachother using 2 cassettes and a tape recorder. He was just totally hooked on the idea that you could make music that would sound like more people playing instruments by one single person using that simple method. In 1994 his parents buyed his first IBM286 with a sequencer based mucisprogram called “soundclub”. For many years all sounds stayed between the walls of the bedroom because besides the fun it was mainly just a way to express his feelings, or archiving life experiences like a diary can be for a writer. A few programs further he started posting tracks on sites like Acidplanet, Livesets, FOEM etc. From there he evolved his skills and compositions to the sound it is today.