Real Names:
Bas Somers, Stijn van Oorschot

Breda, Netherlands

Bas Somers (1984) and Stijn van Oorschot (1984) aka Minilab started their collaboration at spring 2008 after both being solo for some years. Bas Somers started his musical crusade super low budget when he was 10 years old, recording different sound and layers from cd to tape. In 2004, after using various mixing software, he started as a DJ mainly playing Electro, House and Tech-house in different clubs national and international like Spain, France and Malaysia. Stijn van Oorschot had his first musical awakening in 1996. Having played the drums for several years, being in different bands and getting experience with different styles of music, he first came in touch with the dance scene in 2002. In search of his musical preference he tried out various instruments, drumcomputers and programs all leaning towards the electronical music. After they both came back from their foreign trips they thought it was time for a change. They began a partnership, both sharing the same passion, skill-set and ambition for electronical music. Inspired by different names in the Techno scene as well as various influences from, House, Progressive, Electro, Pop, Rock and Hip-Hop they rapidly developed their own style and musical taste. After gaining more experience and musical know-how over the last few years, Minilab started working on their own productions. In their own tracks they try to make a mixture of different styles and influences. They produce a sound that’s recognizable and reflects the same energy and passion that Minilab wants to project. Working both as producer and DJ gives them a good insight of what the people wan to hear nowadays. Having played in bars, clubs and festivals through-out the Netherlands and having shared the DJ booth with many well known DJs like, Michel de Hey, Secret Cinema, Bart Skils, Noisia, Warren Fellow, Invite and Spark Taberner, they fluently process these experiences into their own productions. After having done different Remixes for local DJs like Solid Decay, Jack Wax and Invite they now have some upcoming releases on XT3 Recordings and Flatlife Records. Their work behind the decks when playing in front of the crowd is literally back to back. With multiple decks and a set that takes you on a journey from the beginning till the end, they are on a mission to give each and everyone a heck of time.