Mike Drama


Real Name:
Michael Klapwijk

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Mike Drama a.k.a. Dj Drama (‘81) straight from technocity Rotterdam worked his way up to become one of the most popular Dutch hard-techno artists. This was all the result of his infection with electronical music somewhere in the early 90's. What started with tough house music slowly emerged into an almost sick interest in techno music. In 2004 he initiated the infamous "Industry of Techno" at Club Emotion which is located somewhere in the suburbs of Rotterdam. Here he stood out due to his tormenting, annihilating DJ sets and slowly his presence was noticed by more and more promoters in Holland and Europe. Soon Mike became resident at Holland’s most influential hardtechno event ' The Chaos Theory'! When the Drama begins, you never know what to expect. Mike has been in the business for many years now and he’s still developing himself on and on. Nowadays, the nature of this talented jock’s game is this: hard-techno that will put holes in your speaker similar to the impact of a 500 ton meteorite! He’s well known for his entertaining character and his 3 deck madness and always pushing his sets to the limit. Mike combines a number of grooves and manipulates tracks with breaks and the help of effects, creating very energetic atmosphere which will surely give you the ride of your life! When Drama is in the house, you’re guaranteed of damage on the floor, this man breaks down the house. No matter where he plays, he brings the energy you need!! Besides his skills as a DJ he’s also a very busy and important man behind the curtain. So was he the helping hand with the A&R for labels like; Cannibal Society, Domestic Violence, but this wasn’t enough for him. So in 2007 he started his own imprint; Mental Torments Records which has become an important label in the hardtechno scene nowadays. This was probably the reason why he caught the attention of the legendary Miss Djax. Miss Djax has been a major influence for Mike and that is what makes it all extra special for him to be involved in some of her projects like Djax It Up. For all those who cannot sleep at night.., who can only survive by injecting dangerous drums into their system on a weekly basis – Mental Torments will be your saviour ! In short: Mike is a well known face in the techno scene – be prepared for loads more to come from the hands of the Drama, whether this will be at an event near you or pressed on plastic!