Mario Montero

Mário Montero was born in Oporto in 1987. His taste for electronic music started in 2001 having he´s first contact with the djing in 2002. Since then taste for techno has evolved so that was devouring almost all styles of techno. In 2004 was invited for his first performance in one of the most historic techno club in Portugal (rock´s club)  in 2008 took the first step in the production.

Influenced by techno producers and dj’s like carl: cox, Jimmasters, Umek, Marco Bailey, Valentino Kanzyani, Oliver oh  and many others. Through various styles of techno music. His focus is mainly in techno hardgroove.

Already with collaborations with great artists like Du´art, Wyrus, Rob J and Sergio Pardo,  realeasing he´s music in banging labels as Pornographic, Flatlife Records, Sub Cult, Keep On techno, GT Musike etc..