John Rowe

Real Name:
John Rowe

Newcastle, United Kingdom

John Rowe is a respected UK recording artist, DJ, Dance music producer and owner of the techno label Hypnohouse Trax, Born and based in Newcastle upon Tyne where he is an integral part of the underground rave scene.

As a musician he has played in various bands , Most notably alternative psych-rockers ‘Herp Nurp’ Which he played in for ten years both fronting the band and sharing chief song writing duties. The band gigged the UK, Recorded 2 albums in the late 90’s at Impulse studios (Home of Neat records)

Alongside his band responsibilities John was busy honing his production skills, taking up a music technology course in the late 90’s which lead to a string of techno releases throughout the mid 00’s on numerous labels such as 4-stroke (Belgium), Stranamente (Italy), Testin’out (UK), TMM (Kosovo) His own D.E.S. Label and the legendary Bonzai records. playing live alongside techno stalwarts such as; Dave the Drummer, Geezer, Ben Sims, Roland the Bastard, Ant, Chris liberator, Mark EG and the like..

For well over a decade John has played for various promoters and party crews including; Freaky dancing, Trauma, Cubensis, Anti-world, Detox, Radar, Kiddstock, Milk the Cow, Strange days, Ourmass, Cause and Effect, Citric Acid, Ram Raidaz to name just a few,
This has seen him regularly perform at raves, festivals, clubs and parties across the UK 

John is currently keeping himself busy performing with his new band ‘ Schizophonic’ 
and running his label ‘Hypnohouse Trax’ which now has over 40 established artists signed up is gaining huge support from some of the techno scenes top players. 

John has had numerous releases out this year on all the big techno labels including; 
Phunkation, Superconductor, Aktivists , Subwoofer, Climax , Yolk, Filth Infatuated, TMM , Keep on Techno and Envenom records. Most of which have landed him at the top of the techno charts if not the Top! Remix work coming in thick and fast and releases set for Stay up Forever projects, and new Vinyl label ‘Reborn UK’

John continues to run the cybernetics music collective, A group of musicians, DJs and performers who promote and encourage home-grown talent, They have put on events, raves and parties in Newcastle and beyond for the last 12 years.