Real Name:
Jerzy Bos

Westervoort, Netherlands

Since 2003 Dutch producer Jerzy Bos is active in the `netlabel` Techno-scene. In the past years he had many releases via creative common license at legendary net labels like: Rohformat, Subcologic, Edensonic, FOEM, Supersix and many more. His sound is typicaly twisted with a nasty bite, always deep, hard edged and raw. Jerzz, Nikolaj Darja, KrZik, Roald Zahl and BOS are a few of his aliases that have developed themselves over the years to the point where he is now. With his tracks beeing played by famous Techno jockeys like Oliver Lieb, Claude Young and Dave Clark (who played several of his tracks in the weekly dance radio-show ‘White Noise’ on 3FM; one of Holland’s most listened radiostations) Under his monniker which is also his surname Bos; Jerzy releases experimental dubstep and drumandbass tracks on the dutch label MWM Recordings. Also he formed a Breakbeat/Drumandbass collaboration with his good friend Tsewer Beta called Anomic Syndrome. Jerzy Bos’ his music is bound to make an impact and leave a lasting impression, A quality Producer, (re-)Mixer and live-performer, who is involved in various collaborative projects, Jerzz is a man to keep an eye on when it comes to hypno-energetic dark Techno!

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