Jay Zoney


Born in Vancouver Canada in the year 1975, Jay has been a music fanatic all of his life. His career began in 1994 as a techno dj in Vancouver�s underground club and party scene. He was a frequent guest on Vancouver�s first techno radio show "Homebass" hosted by long-time friend DJ Noah.

Jay is a firm believer in God, and has always felt His inspiration. Music has always been a deep and direct channel by which his relationship continues to evolve and grow. In 1997 he was one of the founding fathers of the infamous Munson Family production company. Munson Family members include, DJ Zach, DJ Sleepwaker, Mr. Fred, Mr. Beersley, Diabolical Paul, LJam, Holly Tree, and Naeco Rain. Together they have been throwing events in Vancouver and her surrounding islands both indoor and outdoor.This crew is responsible for the inception of the annual Carrington Bay Festival which has been growing in popularity and size during it's 16 year lifespan.

The notorious island crew - "The Naked DJs" - have been running things for the past several years, and have refined the event to a very well organised, 3 day adventure.

In 2001 Jay focused his attention on producing his own sounds. With influences such as Sven Vath, Chris Liebing, Drumcell, Hardfloor, Spicelab, and Dave The Drummer, Jay has developed his own unique brand of moody dark Techno with the underlying message of love. May 2011 brought Jay his first release on Super 6 Records. "Lost in The Hive" is a three track ep melding through Techno and Acid, Also released in 2011 on Super 6, was a two track ep titled "A Tribe Called Munson", with a groovy, dirty Techno/Tribal feel. In May 2012 Subspec Music released "Near Future", a four track ep of acidic techno. It is a diverse representation of Jay�s musical taste and it has received solid reviews. Artists such as Slam, John Massey, Andrew Duke, Sone, Rennie Foster, and JGarrett have shown support.

In June 2012 a remixes ep of his original "The Meltdown" was released on Subspec. JGarrett and Keef Baker�s OCDC took the reigns with two very different yet complimentary renditions of the original. 2012 closed out with a Live PA performance in Vancouver @ Open Studios at the "Gary Beck - Bring A Friend Tour" event.

2013 has been very active for Jay. His original track "Hart Plaza" was released on February 19th on the "Subspecification" compilation. Following that his first full-length album "Love Life" was released on March 14th. It features eight original tracks as well as remixes from Woody McBride, and JGarrett. The album has sparked a mini-tour of the cities Los Angeles, Seattle, and Detroit. Look for Jay's "Phat Squid" EP coming out on Flatlife Records this summer. The release will feature 2 original tracks as well as 2 remixes from DJ ESP (Woody McBride), and JGarrett.

Bangin ! Stay tuned ! Peace !



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