Jack Wax


Real Name:
Jaap de Koeijer

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Owner of Flatlife Records.

Jack Wax is an international artist whose group of record labels has been receiving strong support throughout Europe in the Techno and Acid dance music scenes. His vision for uniting strong teams of artists on releases hasn’t gone unnoticed and his own productions and DJ skills are firmly established well beyond his homeland of the Netherlands, as his records pick up attention all over the world. He played in countries like: Belgium, UK London, UK Schotland, Netherlands, Austria, Germany and more to come

Born in 1976 in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, as a child Jack Wax was always consumed with music. Tape-decks, record-players and radio’s were never safe as Jack was always tinkering, fascinated by sound… He started making music when he was 12 on old computers including the MSX & Amiga, and after that on a PC. After honing his skills as a DJ, Jack Wax entered the Dutch Techno scene in 2007. After a long period of illness (Hodgkin) in 2008 he decided to start his own record label, and this propelled him forward in the dance scene.

Jack started Flatlife Records to get his own music released onto 12″ and to license work from his favourite producers for digital & vinyl output. To date, Jack and the Flatlife collective of labels have worked with: Stay Up Forever, Oliver Lieb, Chris Liberator, Dave the Drummer, Sterling Moss, Choci, Geezer, Patrick DSP, DJ Misjah, Ant, Darc Marc, Drumcomplex, Hackler & Kuch, Mike Drama, Rene Reiter, Woody McBride (DJ ESP) and many more…

He was also the founder of the well-known Dutch Pro Techno parties in the Netherlands together with LXD-TV visuals, and received a nomination in 2013 for having the BEST UNDERGROUND PARTY in the Netherlands.

His style as a DJ has always been based on melodic Acid Techno and even today his sets can range from pumping Acid Hard Techno/Acid Tekno to deep funky Acid Techno. Marked and well rounded with his beastly mixing techniques on 2 Technics decks and 2 CD players, Jack’s sound is instantly recognisable, featuring many of his own melodies and compositions within his DJ sets. In 2011 he became an official Techno Buddha DJ until the organisation closed in 2013. That same year Jack started the famous Freak Radio Shows every Friday with In Progress Radio. These shows continue to be a platform for Jack’s old school orientated sets. In 2014 Jack became a member of the famous Acid Techno organisation Zodiak Commune, whose underground reputation is revered around the world.

Still evolving and growing as a DJ & Producer, Jack Wax continues to bring the old school vibes back into his productions and DJ sets & his own music, which gain attention wherever he goes.



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