Real Name:
Rene Bos

Landgraaf, Netherlands

DJ Indigo started his career in the 80s as all round DJ and played all over Holland, Belgium and Germany. First he played in pubs and disco's and hosted his own radio show on Energy Radio and later on Digital Hit FM, where DJ Indigo played the latest dance releases. In the early nineteens this DJ started to play Club and Mellow at events and parties. In all those years he learned to please the crowd on a Dance event. Later in 1994 he discovered Techno. It took a long time till people understood what he was playing. It was dark, deep, no melodies, shocking. From that time on his career started growing and growing. DJ Indigo plays on lots of parties and festivals along with famous acts like Jeff Mills, Luke Slater, G Force, Acid Junkies, Michel de Hey, Erick E, Lady Aida, Stanny Fransen, Jaydee, Ronald Molendijk, etc. Nowadays DJ/Producer Indigo also produces his own unreleased tracks to play live on events, in the past he did several live sessions in THC De Kachel, Technotix and on Cult You Festival, where the people went out of their minds. DJ Indigo performes with Techno on vinyl. He made several remixes for : The Additive - Kick It (The Groovelab Records), Remco Rovers - Clockwise (Azra Digital Records), DJ Miss Daimond - Voodoo Girl Indigo organisated some succesfull parties by him self like House of the Millenium, Houseforce and Dance Fusion.



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