Farrell Lukas


Real Name:
Freek Liekens

Tilburg, Netherlands

His story began after he was born. He had great admiration for music even when he was still in his mother’s womb: when U2 sounded through their living room, He was kicking with joy in his mother’s belly. The first 16 years of his life he dedicated to do sports. He found strength and support in music. Over the years, his interest in bands and artists like Pink Floyd, Mike Oldfield, Roger Waters began to increase. After he had to terminate his intensive Judo career due to heavy injuries, he started looking for another way to express hisself. He found this in music. At the age of 18, he started mixing. He found out he felt most comfortable when hearing and mixing trance-influenced music and his pseudo Liko was born. In the mean time he developed his own skills and was introduced as young talent after winning several DJ-contests. Besides that he also started to develop an interest in trance-influenced techno, also known as neo-trance. In 2008 he decided to producing and mixing techno music under a new psuedo named as: Farrell Lukas. After a few releases under his pseudo “Liko”, 2010 began very well with his “Farrell Lukas” remix for Jack Wax’ – Timeline (FLAT002x).