Real Name:
Ivo Bonants

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Ivo Bonants (aka Evo) is a musician/producer/composer from The Netherlands. Making music since the age of 5 he's still exploring different tracks. Piano and guitar in his young years, which resulted in guitar rock music. Now playing with synthesysers and computers combining the best of analog and digital instruments. Seven years he worked in a music venue in Eindhoven as a sound technician, learning the tricks of soundmixing, while working with artists from all over the world, dance to jazz, an all in between. Meanwhile he started his own project studio, for his own creative musical freedom. Together with his mate Korben (UK) he started making experimental techno ambient tracks. The love for warm bass grooves and ambient soundscapes, is the main red line trough his works. His heart still belongs to Jazz, so expect the unexpected.