Real Name:
Jelle Groen

Den Bosch, Netherlands

Playing at underground raves is where it all came to with the Soundsystem ‘Knflkt‘ back around 2002 under his pseudonym Untamed. Raw and industrial sounds like Acid & Tekno were a common thing back in those days. Preforming in the woods, at quarries, under tunnels, at military bases, old warehouses, villa’s, beaches & airports initially shaped his first few years behind the decks. Still after these rather noisy days he discovers techno in 2004 listening to the BBC radio one and was hooked instantly to this new sound he heard. Detroit and sounds from Berlin shaped him henceforth to a more minimalistic sound. Over past years he plays under his moniker Détaché playing his own live sets and sets at club and festival environments across the dutch wetlands. Quote ‘Vinyl is still my favorite medium to play with, it just gives that little extra both in sound and the whole feeling in general’. His vinyl collection stretches over a thousand records, varying from disco, electro to techno. His sound is very recognizable and earned him bookings at some of the most profound clubs and festivals in the Netherlands. As a producer Détaché is determined to record fresh sounds influenced by Detroit, Berlin and modern techno. His 12? debut in Feb 2012 called ‘Shapes & Shadows’ was received with great enthusiasm. This vinyl production appeared on the imprint aDepth audio called Emerging Elements EP and was played by XDB among others in the Field Recordings 035. His music is always based on themes such as political, nature or just everyday things he sees & feels, emotional and intuitive music that is shared through musical pieces. Other influences came from his friends, producers and djs from Leeuwarden.