Real Name:
Stefan Schneider

Utrecht, Netherlands

Stefan Schneider was born in Utrecht, a city at the heart of the Netherlands. At a young age Stefan saw his older brother buy his first pair of turntables. Fascinated by what he saw, and heard, he himself became more interested in various styles of electronic music. After years of watching his older brother Dj-ing and listening to a variety of electronic music, Stefan felt like it was time to take his own love for music to the next level. Taking the most of his inspiration from French artists such as The Hacker, Miss Kittin and Vitalic; Stefan started to make his own music. It was some time later that Stefan had his first real Techno encounter at an underground event in an empty warehouse. His love for Techno music was born! At this point Stefan took a break from producing and took the time to listen , and more importantly, enjoy his newfound love for techno music. Two years and a lot of techno events later, it was time to start producing at a new level....and this time concentrating on the style he love the most; Techno music.

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