Chris Liberator


Real Name:
Chris Knowles

London, United Kingdom

Perhaps the most loved and respected Acid Techno D.J. of all time, it is fair to say that Chris has probably played more squat parties, underground raves, technivals, festivals, clubnights, and parties worldwide in his 18 years as a D.J. than any other person alive, and is still completely dedicated to the music and the scene he got involved with when he started doing parties with the other two Liberators, Julian and Aaron back in 1991.

STYLE : plays FUNKY TECHNO, HARD TECHNO, and ACID TECHNO. Also plays occasional Punk sets, and party sets of old 80’s dance, Hip-Hop and Reggae. HAS

PLAYED : all over U.K. and Ireland, all over Europe, Japan, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, South Korea, South Africa, Colombia and many other places. Was the first Acid Techno D.J. to play in Brazil, Venezuela and Poland and was instrumental in starting the movement in these countries which he still visits regularly. PRODUCTIONS : Hundreds of releases and remixes on several labels under his own name or in collaborations with Lawrie Immersion, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, D.D.R., Geezer(Guy Mcaffer), Ant and many, many others on a range of labels old and new including Noom, Prolekult, Polymeric, Eukatech, Routemaster,Choci’s Chewns, Solid, Highland Beats, S.U.F.,Cluster, Smitten, TEC and many more . Is currently working hard on a whole range of new releases with Sterling Moss for release on a range of labels within the SUF collective and beyond, as well as occasional projects with Lawrie Immersion, D.A.V.E. The Drummer, Guy “Geezer” Mcaffer, Darcmarc and Lenny Dee amongst others.

PRODUCTION HIGHLIGHTS : “ONE NIGHT IN HACKNEY” (with D.A.V.E. The Drummer as Dynamo City), “LONDON ACID CITY” (as Lochi with Lawrie Immersion), “Soul Mantra”, “System Test”, “I’m Bored” (with Sterling Moss), “3 Day Illegal Rave Party From Hell” (with Punk Floyd) and many more…His album “Set Fire” was the first electronic music album to be released in Brazil.

ALBUMS : “Set Fire”, “Punk Floyd have Landed” (with Punk Floyd), “Welcome to the fluorescent era” and “The house that Ha-Lo built” (with D.A.V.E. The Drummer as Ha-Lo).

DJ MIXES : “CL 01”,02 and 03 (Trust The DJ), “Walking The Dog” (Routemaster), “We Want You” (Malfaiteurs), “Prolekulture” (Prolekult), “Modernistic Acid Trance pt 3” (V.C.F.) and many more. With the Liberators he was also responsible for the seminal acid techno mixes “It’s not intelligent, it’s not from Detroit…but it is fucking ‘avin it” 1 and 2, and “Advanced technologies no.1” (Input).Latest mix release is the live “Maximum Minimum” set available for download from

LABELS : Runs STAY UP FOREVER and CLUSTER, new acid label HIVE, and Super-Conductor with Aaron Liberator,as well as his own labels Maximum Minimum and Yolk, and Wah Wah with Aaron Liberator and Guy Mcaffer.

DID YOU KNOW? : Chris runs the SUF Collective of labels with Aaron Liberator (doing A+R and accounting),and is involved with the new techno download site…his voice features on numerous records including “One Night In Hackney” (alongside D.A.V.E. The Drummer), “I’m Bored”, ”London Acid City”, ”Set Fire” and several other productions he’s been involved with….He has regularly appeared in DJ magazines top 100 DJ’s(reaching as high as 38 in the late nineties, an unprecedented feat for a strictly underground DJ)…Chris used to be a punk and was in Anarcho punk band Hagar The Womb, as well as later Indie combos before getting into Techno….is now in a new punk band DOGSHITE playing bass…has been on three JOHN PEEL sessions with Hagar The Womb, Liberator and friends, and Ha-Lo…is fiercely against the greedy mentality of capitalism…supports Amnesty International and Liberty…smiles a lot when he Dj’s….plays nearly 100 percent on vinyl… and is a vegetarian!

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