Real Name:
Jordi Bouwman

Boxtel, Netherlands

Chandima is the name Jordi Bouwman uses for his dj and live performances of techno music. Born in 1982 at the small mirracle Sri Lanka he grew up in the small village Boxtel in Holland. In the year 2001 he fell in love with techno music,he realised that this was the music he wanted to make. It was everything he searched for in music,energetic,funky and dark at the same time. He bought his own equipment,he created his own skills and way of perfoming and started to push himself to the limit again and again. Because of the brought styles techno music has to offer he wanted to play and make them all. From the minimalistic detroit sounds to the dark hardtechno tunes. From the funky basslines to the uplifting tribal sound,he plays it all. If it's techno he will rock it. His inspiration comes from artists such as,Ben Sims,Oscar Mulero,Cristian Varela,Surgeon,Jeff Mills,Invite and many others. As dj and live act he will keep devoloping himself and like his performence he will never stop grooving.