Brad Lee


Real Name:
Brad Lee Lee

Spirit's Realm, United States

Brad Lee, A new force to be recon with on the global techno scene. This Producer/DJ from Phoenix AZ USA/transplanted is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Rocking everything from the Funky techno to hard peak time madness to destroy the speaker cabinets. In 2005 he added a live PA to his already impressive arsenal of DJing skills. With releases on Tontek, Groovebeat Records, Milk Recordings, Fast Food Recordings, Matando Records, More Punk Than Funk, Clandestine, Holzplatten, Ground FX, Chronic Cutz, Armatura, Teknatika, Public Frequency, AN Tokyo, RSJAPAN, Corrupt Systems, Now We Do Recordings, Foot Fetish and many others soon to follow. Future Plans include a large variety of new projects and sounds ranging from downtempo, industrial, electro breaks, and dark techno. So where this man will go from here, it’s nearly impossible to tell. He's one to be watching in the near future for some great output. Expect big things from this up and comer!!!!