Real Names:
Ricky van Broekhoven, Fen Weijtens

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Axxonlab is a live act from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It was born as collaboration between two friends; Fen Weijtens and Ricky van Broekhoven. Both being (electronical) music fanatics and having a background in playing musical instruments. Fen Weijtens is also known as Drs Fntn mixing minimalistic Dub-techno. He was taught playing the drums at an early age. Also listening a lot to hip hop, reggae and funk is what made him being creative with producing beats and being able to create rhythms with a clear complexity. Ricky was affected with the house virus in the early nineties. He played the piano since he was six years old. At that time thinking the classical music his teacher got him to play wasn’t interesting, he tried to recreate the house music he liked. Making his little brother play repetitive beats on his toy drum and accompany him with the chords on the piano. Those sequences were all neatly recorded on his My First Sony. After different solo projects Fen and Ricky decided to merge their skills in creating their own electronical music. They joined forces as Axxonlab at the end of 2007. Their first gig was in a sold out Club Rechter in Eindhoven. After having played at several clubs and festivals in their hometown the amount of requests for performing their live- act at cities across the country is ever growing. Techno heroes like Richie Hawtin, Carl Cox, and Dave Clarke initially inspired their music. But now they have found their own distinctive style in a mix of minimal / (dub)-techno and electro. On stage their ‘set-up’ is constantly evolving and changing with different synthesizers and controllers. However, the two laptops containing their sequences are always the heart of the set.