Real Name:
Anthony Wilson

London, United Kingdom

Ant is a veteran of London's underground techno scene and began playing in the early 1990's on the infamous sound systems of that era. He is also a long-standing member of the Stay Up Forever Collective, studio producer and record label boss and has travelled the globe many times over with his brand of electronic music. During the 4 years he worked as the in-house engineer at Kinetec Studios, Ant set up his record label, Powertools, which he still runs today in the digital format as Powertools 909. He has produced 100's of vinyl releases over the decades on a variety of labels, but especially working closely with the many labels that have been put out through the Stay Up Forever Collective. Ant has always been a vinyl DJ up until 2011, when he started to incorporate Traktor Scratch into his sets. He uses the timecode vinyls in order to uphold the skills associated with true DJ'ing and also allowing him to still play real vinyl at the flick of the switch. In 2010, Ant combined his studio with DDR, a long time friend and one of the first people responsible for truly shaping London' acid-techno sound back in the early 90's. Together they formed the live techno act, Cogs, Beans and The Machines. This consists of Ant playing turntables over the top of DDR's live act to create a completely improvised live stage show. The pair also write many tracks together, including the ever popular "Yes London", which was released on the Stay Up Forever 100 series and are currently working on a studio album ready for release in 2012.