Real Name:
Kevin McKenna

London, United Kingdom

As one of the most exciting in a new breed of producers making an impact on the techno industry, 3Phazegenerator draws from a powerful collection of original material and heavyweight remixes. His unique cutting edge sound has created such a demand his music is now used by labels across the globe. His dj sets give a living, pulsing, organic power and have earned him a loyal following beyond even the realms of techno.This 'art form' as he calls it embraces unusual and flowing textures with intricate dark pulsing rhythms that seem to run in their own time yet are at once deeply comforting and hook the dance floor. Hailing from the UK his style has been blasting across Europe for the last 6 years. His presence as a performer has a reputation for inciting crowds, giving a dynamic freshness that is vibrant and memorable. Remixed by Logotech, Electrorites, Audio Injection, Maxx, Real Mother, Hefty, Miriam Marci. Radio Shows: Techno FM, Fnoob DJ Support : Richie Hawtin, Chris Liebing, LogoTech, Luke Creed, A -Brothers, Electrorites, Deh Noizer, Quantic Spectroscopy, Mas Teevah, Hefty, Tony Montana, 88uw, Fusky, Subfractal, Abdomen Burst, Michael Wenz, Sander Kleinenberg, Kenneth Thomas, Markus Schulz, Lars Klein, Claude VonStroke, Misjah, Maxx, Patrick D.S.P,Henry Cullen, Matt.K, Mattias Fridell, Robert Leiner, Concrete Djz, Pedro Delgardo, Pattrix,, YOHMSS, Jerome Keys, John Selway, Jason Swales, Chris Liberator, Anton Sheridan, Johan Nilsson. Alberto Bologna DJ, Alfoa, Tex Rec, Antoni Bios, Andreas Florin, Audio Injection, Jeff F/Subforce/CTR ,Miriam Marci., Tosi,DJ Arcane, Kereni, Johnny Trotter, Louk, Vegim, Michael Kruck. Over the last Six Years he has played clubs & festivals across over Europe and South America, in London for Soundsystems including Malfaituers, ES1, KSS, Disjunkt & Arena. Club nites include Atom, Tekno In The City, TekSlaves, Gener8tor, Transitions, I Love Jackin, ReRaveall, Underground Unity & Bahkutta Beat. Plus features on Techno FM, fnoob and Interface.